Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited (the ¨Company〃) was set up on 1 September 1993 and was regarded by the State as one of the nine pilot joint-stock limited enterprises which formed the first batch of overseas listed companies. The Companyˇs H shares were issued overseas during 20-26 October 1993 and were listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the ¨Hong Kong Stock Exchange〃) on 3 November 1993. The Company issued RMB common shares in the domestic market during 6 November through 25 December 1993. These shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (the ¨SSE〃) in three batches on 6 January, 4 April and 6 September in the following year.

On 13 November 2006, the Company issued bonds with warrants (¨Bonds with Warrants〃) on the SSE. On 29 November 2006, the Companyˇs bonds and warrants were listed on the SSE.

The Company is one of the largest iron and steel producers and marketers in the PRC, and is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of iron and steel products. The manufacturing process primarily involves iron-making, steel-making and steel rolling projects. The Companyˇs principal product is steel products which come in four major categories: steel plates, section steel, wire rods and train wheels.

Steel plates
Major products include thin plates and medium plates. Thin plates can be further categorised into hot and cold-rolled thin plates, galvanized plates and coil-coating plates. Hot-rolled thin plates are mostly used in the construction, automobile, bridge-building, machinery businesses and petroleum transportation, while cold-rolled thin plates are used in high-grade light industries, home electrical appliances, and medium and high-grade production of automobile parts. Galvanised plates are positioned to be used in plates of automobile, home electrical appliances, high-grade construction plates, and plates used in businesses like packaging and utensil manufacturing. Coil-coating plates can be used in both interior and exterior of construction projects, home electrical appliances and steel windows. Standards adopted by thin plate products of the Company include GB, the national standard of the PRC, Japanˇs JIS standard, Germanyˇs DIN standard and the US ASTM standard. Medium plates are widely used in boilers, pressurised utensils, ship-building, container manufacturing, and so forth. Plates used for building ship structures have been endorsed by certificates issued by six countries including China, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, France and Norway.

Section steel
Major products include H-shaped steel and common medium-shaped steel. H-shaped steel is mostly used in construction, steel structures, machinery manufacturing and the construction of petroleum drilling platforms and railways. It has been awarded the ¨Golden Cup Prize of Quality Metal Products〃 and has been hailed as a ¨Reliable and Reputable Construction Material Brand Name Product〃 by the China Construction Materials Enterprise Management Association and selected in the Catalogue of Chinaˇs Top Brands by the China Promotion Commission for Top Brand Strategy. The Company owns the core technology and patent of the shock and fire resistant H-shaped steel for construction. The H-shaped steel products have been certified under the Japanese JIS standards. The H-shaped steel used in manufacturing oceanographic platforms has been endorsed by certificates of both China and Germany. Common medium-shaped steel is mostly used in construction structures, machinery manufacturing and steel structures used in shipbuilding. It has also been awarded the ¨Golden Cup Prize of Quality Metal Products〃.

Wire rods
Major products include high-speed wire rod materials and hot-rolled reinforcing steel used in armoured concrete. High-speed wire rod products are mostly used in the production of robust materials, pre-stressing strand steel wires and spring steel wires, and are occasionally used in construction materials. The Company owns the core technology and patent of the high-efficiency, low-cost cold-forged steel with wire-softening treatment. Hot-rolled reinforcing steel used in armoured concrete is mainly used in construction. It has been acclaimed ¨The First Lot of Quality Products Exempted from Inspection〃 by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC, and has been hailed as a ¨Reliable and Reputable Construction Material Brand Name Product〃 by the China Construction Materials Enterprise Management Association. It has also been endorsed by the registered BS standard in Hong Kong. Hot-rolled reinforcing steel and hot-rolled wire rods have been endorsed by the quality control system certification and product certification of the UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels (CARES).

Train wheels
Major products include train wheels and wheel rims, which are widely used in railway transport, port machinery, petrochemical industries, aerospace industry, and so forth. Train wheel products are bestowed the honour of ¨Famous Brand of China〃. The Company owns the core technology and patent of train wheels used for high-speed railroads. The production quality assurance system for train wheels is accredited with authoritative certifications including the ISO9000:2000 quality system and the AAR issued by the North American Railway Committee.



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